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A World to Discover


Each Junior Activity Leader introduces an age-appropriate theme during the camper’s first day at camp. Throughout the next several days, the children are encouraged to do research as they are given access to a variety of books and other visual materials. Timely storytelling and discussion further define concepts and develop a greater understanding of the chosen theme. The children participate in related arts and crafts projects to further develop visual representations of their theme. Throughout the two-week (one session) or 4-week (Both Sessions) process, they learn aspects of the related geography, the flora and fauna, and the insects and animals who live in the region related to their theme. Parents are invited to our session-ending Open House at which time the children will perform a musical presentation and proudly present their assembled projects.

- Junior Program -

What's in a Day?

All of our groups are led by a qualified teacher who is aided by a young volunteer senior high school camp assistant. The children go outside every day - weather permitting. Our Junior groups stay together throughout the day. They eat lunch as a group, play together outside, weather permitting, and are assembled together for parental pick up at the end of the day.
Our juniors are kept very busy! They participate in daily activities led by our music, physical education and science specialists. They participate in science activities, outdoor games and musical rehearsals in a fun, energetic and safe environment as they discover new skills and passions.
Our juniors are kept very busy! They participate in daily activities led by our music, physical education and science specialists. They participate in science activities, outdoor games and musical rehearsals in a fun, energetic and safe environment as they discover new skills and passions.

- Junior Program -

This Year's Themes

Junior campers are assigned to an Activity Group by Session and Grade level.

Discover Montreal

Led by Kimberly Skovhoj

Grade 3 campers, participating in Both Sessions

As this year marks Montreal’s 375th anniversary, we will embark on an adventure to discover what makes our city so special. Together, we will explore Montreal’s unique identity, culture and rich history. Come and join us as we travel through time to celebrate the past and present. Through music, storytelling, field trip outings, and numerous art projects, students will be engaged in a fun and creative learning environment while gaining new insight and appreciation of this wonderful city!

Welcome to the Jungle

Led by Robyn Irving

Kindergarten campers, participating in Both Sessions

Come and join us in a jungle experience! We will study jungle wildlife while reading books, writing descriptions, exploring math, and producing art! We will learn about trees, insects, animals and jungle life! This summer we will explore the Rainforest through different media while producing representations of various plants, animals and insects. Join us on our journey of learning and greater understanding of the Rainforest!

Children’s Rights are Rocking!

Led by Selina Morrisson

Grade 2 campers, participating in Both Sessions

Grab your backpack, wave goodbye and get ready for the adventure of your life. This summer we will discover Children’s Rights through fun games, storytelling, fantastic food, awesome celebrations, colorful art and music. We will be using “Play it Fair!” (developed by Equitas) a toolkit that stems from the human rights that are defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. By promoting these values the campers will discover different continents and issues that face children. We will learn how lucky we are to live in Canada. They will develop practical skills to deal with discrimination and be able to share what they have learned with their family and friends. Adventures await us; hope you are ready for a fantastic summer!

Children Around the World

Led by Tara Fisher

Grade 1 campers, participating in Both Sessions

Our group will take your child on a journey around the world! On our journey, we will meet many other children from lands across the continents. We will visit children from near and far and see how they play, eat, celebrate and learn. We will cross oceans and borders to learn songs and dances and experience different cultural arts and crafts. Each country has something different to share: dancing, crafts, culinary activities, and music too so together we will journey through deserts and rainforests to visit and experience different cultures and traditions. We will also discover how similar we are to one another, We all eat, sleep, play and learn!! So get your passport ready and come along and meet Bindi from Australia, Shamar from New York, Rajeet from Tanzania, and so many more !!

Great Artists of the World

Led by Tracey Blonder

Kindergarten and Grade 1 campers, participating in Session 1 or Session 2

Come join the fun! Meet the great artists of the world. Through hands-on experiences we will paint the world and learn about Monet, Picasso, Van Gogh and Kandinsky, just to name a few. From Impressionism to Abstract we will explore the world of art. Students will gain a new appreciation for art and will produce their own masterpieces. Join us on our artistic journey!

Inventions and Inventors

Led by Kristeen Carson

Grade 2 and Grade 3 campers, participating in Session 1 or Session 2

Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Graham Bell, the Wright brothers and the Montgolfier brothers are just a few inventors we will be learning about this summer. Come join in the fun and learn about different inventors and their inventions with hands-on activities. You will definitely have fun using your creativity!
Please bring in recyclable materials so we can create our own robots. Also, don’t forget to bring in a 2-liter pop bottle so we can make our very own rockets. On the last day of camp, we will have a blast off day!

- Junior Program -

Specialists' Activities

All Junior groups will participate in Science, Physical Education, and Music daily.

Junior Science

Led by Amanda Marshall

Are you curious about the world you live in, from the tiny insects to the great big sky? Do you like to ask questions, especially ones that begin with “I wonder why…”, “How does that…” and “What would happen if…”? This is exactly what science is all about!
In Junior Science this summer we will use the scientific method – Ask, Guess, Observe or Test, Discover – to study The Nervous System and Air & Water. We will play games, do experiments and learn some amazing science ‘tricks’ you can use on your family and friends. Most importantly, we’ll have lots of fun as we look, measure, drop, touch, cut, listen, mix, smell, taste and more!

Junior Physical Education

Led by Jane Crutchfield

 Running, jumping, hopping and skipping, throwing and catching our way through a variety of exciting activities and low organized games; The Junior Physical Education program works with kids to teach various motor skills as well as social skills, while playing many fun games. The children learn to communicate effectively by working together in a cooperative environment to reach their goal. Having a class like this allows all of the children to play, exercise and have fun together, while learning that being active is essential for a healthy lifestyle.

Junior Music Session 1

Led by Kathleen Walshe-Turcotte & Brenda

Children will sing, dance, and tell the story of EI EI OOPS!
We’ll be taking a trip to Farmer MacDonald’s Farm. Everyone is singing and getting ready for a hoedown! But wait something is wrong with Madame Cow. All her barnyard friends will do their part to save the day!

Junior Music Session 2

Led by Kathleen Walshe-Turcotte & Brenda

Children will perform the musical BUGZ!
There’s going to be a picnic and everyone is contributing- Lady Bugs, Army Ants, Fireflies, and Bumble Bees. Everything is set but wait! Someone might spoil things! Watch as everyone will help rescue the party!!

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