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A World to Discover


Each Junior Activity Leader introduces an age-appropriate theme during the camper’s first day at camp. Throughout the next several days, the children are encouraged to do research as they are given access to a variety of books and other visual materials. Timely storytelling and discussion further define concepts and develop a greater understanding of the chosen theme. The children participate in related arts and crafts projects to further develop visual representations of their theme. Throughout the two-week (one session) or 4-week (Both Sessions) process, they learn aspects of the related geography, the flora and fauna, and the insects and animals who live in the region related to their theme. Parents are invited to our session-ending Open House at which time the children will perform a musical presentation and proudly present their assembled projects.

- Junior Program -

What's in a Day?

All of our groups are led by a qualified teacher who is aided by a young volunteer senior high school camp assistant. The children go outside every day - weather permitting. Our Junior groups stay together throughout the day. They eat lunch as a group, play together outside, weather permitting, and are assembled together for parental pick up at the end of the day.
Our juniors are kept very busy! They participate in daily activities led by our music, physical education and science specialists. They participate in science activities, outdoor games and musical rehearsals in a fun, energetic and safe environment as they discover new skills and passions.
Our juniors are kept very busy! They participate in daily activities led by our music, physical education and science specialists. They participate in science activities, outdoor games and musical rehearsals in a fun, energetic and safe environment as they discover new skills and passions.

- Junior Program -

This Year's Themes

Junior campers are assigned to an Activity Group by Session and Grade level.

Under the Sea

Kindergarten campers, participating in Both Sessions

Join us as we travel into the deep blue sea. We will explore the depths of the Ocean and learn about life below. We will see many creatures in their natural habitat. So much to learn and so much to see! Over the 4 weeks, the Junior Explorers will discover and engage in activities to expand their knowledge about Ocean life through all different types of activities. The Explorers will have the chance to participate in sensory activities, science activities, music, art and much more. I look forward to exploring the Ocean with you!

All The Little Wonders

Grade 1 campers, participating in Both Sessions

Take a journey into the wonders that surround us as we explore all of nature’s wonderful creations. From designing ant hills to building birdhouses, you will be given all kinds of “hands-on” challenges while discovering the many marvels of our world. You will also be encouraged to question and observe nature as we discover how we can help to maintain it. Activities will include arts and crafts, STEM projects, cooking, and so much more! The world is a wonderful place, let’s go exploring!

Rising to New Heights

Grade 2 campers, participating in Both Sessions

From building skyscrapers to launching rockets into space, we are constantly seeking to reach new heights and push technology to do more. Join us as we venture into the history of human achievement and discover some of our amazing feats and failures. You will have to put your skills to use as you overcome all kinds of engineering challenges. Teamwork, learning and a ton of fun are on the menu!

First Nations

Grade 3 campers, participating in Both Sessions

Come and join us as we travel back in time to discover how the Iroquoians, Algonquians and Incas lived before the arrival of Europeans. Together we will explore their way of life by examining their social organizations, modes of transportation, food resources, clothing and spiritual beliefs and ceremonies. Through storytelling, field trip outings, and numerous innovative projects, students will be engaged in a fun and creative learning environment while gaining new insight and appreciation of these First Nation societies.

Story Book STEM

Kindergarten and Grade 1 campers, participating in Session 1 or Session 2

At Explorations this summer, we will experiment, tinker, build, observe, explore, and problem solve. Using our imaginations plus a few simple supplies, we will put our creative juices to work. Picture books will set the stage for challenges while enhancing our background knowledge. You will be provided with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) materials as we work together to build, tinker, engineer, and do all kinds of science experiments.

Travelling the World

Grade 2 and Grade 3 campers, participating in Session 1 or Session 2

Come join in on this summer’s awesome  adventure. We will be travelling to different parts of the world. We will be creating our lap book suitcases and visiting different countries while updating our passports at each stop. We will be learning and creating amazing art projects inspired by the places we visit. We will be reading stories about Egypt, India, Australia, Africa, to name just a few. Short videos will also be shown as we learn about all of these new and beautiful places. Be sure to bring your creative side to camp this summer because you will definitely love this theme. Can’t wait to meet you.

- Junior Program -

Specialists' Activities

All Junior groups will participate in Science, Physical Education, and Music daily.

Junior Science

Led by Amanda Marshall

Do you know what a meteorologist is? Have you ever thought about becoming one? Well, here’s your chance! Our theme for Junior Science this summer is WEATHER. Not only will we learn the basics, we’ll also make some weather station instruments, get clues from clouds, prepare for wild weather, and more. Come join in the fun!

Junior Physical Education

Led by Jane Crutchfield

 Running, jumping, hopping and skipping, throwing and catching our way through a variety of exciting activities and low organized games; The Junior Physical Education program works with kids to teach various motor skills as well as social skills, while playing many fun games. The children learn to communicate effectively by working together in a cooperative environment to reach their goal. Having a class like this allows all of the children to play, exercise and have fun together, while learning that being active is essential for a healthy lifestyle.

Junior Music Session 1

Led by Kathleen Walshe-Turcotte & Brenda

How Does Your Garden Grow?
The children of Junior Music ‘explore’ Herb’s Magical Garden! Everything seems to be going well— seeds are sprouting, petals are blooming BUT what’s this??? The weeds are taking over!!! Through song and dialogue,
we must and will save this year’s crop!!!

Junior Music Session 2

Led by Kathleen Walshe-Turcotte & Brenda

Creepy Creatures
The children of Junior Music will examine creatures that, quite frankly, make us Squirm!! Alligators, bats, lizards, snakes and slugs to name a few! However we will learn, upon ‘exploration’, that these animals actually have ‘cool’ features and with this knowledge we see them as much less creepy and much more interesting.


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