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Explorations Camp was founded in 1982 by a group of McGill University Educational Psychology Professors. Founding goals included research on “giftedness,” the development of a model program and a general support for teacher education in a camp which engaged children in a rich learning environment and where learning and fun were synonymous. Activities continue to be led by certified teachers who are specialists in the fields of mathematics, fine arts, technology and media, science, music, physical education, environmental studies, and early childhood education. The camp also engages local senior High School and College students who participate as Camp Assistants.

Explorations is currently expanding its programs and new offerings to include International Teaching Opportunities and Weekend Programs. We are looking for passionate, dynamic educators and assistants to be part of our growing team and community. At Explorations, we believe that empowered educators are the cornerstone of a meaningful learning experience and in recognition of this, we offer our instructional team and support staff great working conditions and compensation.

To apply for current and future employment opportunities, please follow the link below. If you do not have a Google Account, please submit your CV and Cover letter to

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Teaching Opportunities

International Activity Leaders

As Explorations continues to expand its International Program, we are looking for educators and support staff to join us as we lead Explorations Educational Activities throughout the world. Our next major International project is a 10-day program in Beijing; July and August 2019. Leaders who are chosen to be part of this program will receive complimentary travel, accommodations, and meals. They will also receive appropriate compensation for their teaching or assistance.

Weekend Program Leaders

Our new weekend programs will allow children and teenagers to continue their Explorations experience throughout the year as they take part in projects led by passionate educators. We are looking for certified educators, or experts in their field, who will lead a variety of engaging Activities. Team participants are given the opportunity to design Activities based on their own interests and expertise.

Activity Leaders 2019

It’s already time to start planning for Summer 2019! Whether you want to work as a member of our Junior Leaders team (Kindergarten to Grade 3) or you wish to lead your own Intermediate Activity (Grade 4 to Grade 9), we want you on our team.

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Canada Summer Jobs

Each year, Explorations creates new exciting employment opportunities for young professionals and students thanks to the support of the Federally funded Canada Summer Jobs Program. This year we are expanding our team to include several new positions and responsibilities. The opportunities listed below are subject to Canada Summer Jobs Funding.

Assistant – Program Development

As Assistant Program Developer, you will work closely with the leadership team to research and design new programs and activities that will cater to our current community and ensure that Explorations continues to be a leader in education. Through your work with current and future partners, you will help to spearhead Explorations’ new learning and community outreach programs.

Assistant – Office Administration

Our Office Administration Assistant will endeavour to ensure the smooth running of the Explorations camp office by generating attendance and class lists, managing inventory and the re-ordering of supplies, all the while maintaining an on-site” office presence. Duties will also include petty cash oversight, establishing a field trip log with parental permissions when required as well as providing appropriate and respectful client services.

Coordinator – Media and Marketing

During their engagement, the Media and Marketing Coordinator will meet with camp directors to develop and structure a plan for a strategic social media presence and continuous communications updates throughout the summer. Their tasks will include photography, videography, editing, and social media marketing.

Coordinator – Special Programming

Explorations daily schedule is split into three periods with breaks in between. We also offer extended care services from 4 pm to 6 pm. As the Coordinator of Special Programming, your objective will be to create active learning opportunities during non-structured times. From establishing social games to creating exciting challenges, you will work with a team of councilors to ensure that campers are safe, have access to engaging activities and can further explore new found interests.

Coordinator – Activities and Programs

As Activity Coordinator, you will work closely with the Leaders and staff members to ensure that all required resources and equipment are readily available and in good standing. As the central person responsible for all resource allocations, you will be the main contact for any and all equipment requests. You will also be responsible for preparing the locations and resources for daily and weekly events.

Counselor – Explorer Program

Junior Explorer Counsellors will be leading our Grade 3 Junior Campers as they take part in our exciting new Explorer program. They will provide supervision, record attendance, ensure smooth transitions between Activities, animate social play, and lunchtime interactions and support a safe and secure end-of-day dismissal.

Counselor – Junior, Intermediate and Panorama Program

Junior Counselors will work directly with our Leader Team of certified teachers to ensure the safety and wellbeing of Explorations campers. They will aid and support the Activity Leader throughout the day by working on differentiating content while providing additional care for individual children as required. They will also assist in the planning of group projects under the direction of the Activity Leader.

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