Comedy Workshop

Comedy Workshop

Do you like to laugh? Would you like to make others laugh as well? If not, please move on to another Activity. Seriously, don’t waste your time by reading any further. Are you still here?  Then this is the activity for you!

Get a behind-the-laughs look at the world of comedy. Why are we laughing? How do you create comedic content? What are the different styles and formats of comedy?  We will look at the history of both sketch and stand-up routines from the 1980s to the present day. We will learn about what makes stand-up, sketch and improv so different yet complementary in many ways. You will learn to inject your sense of humour into class presentations, written assignments, speeches and maybe even on the stand-up stage.

Learn how to express your comedic thoughts in an organized fashion and get big laughs with proper timing and presentation skills. We will write and perform sketch comedy, monologues, stand-up routines, mock ads and more. Find out what it is like to step out onto an actual stage and perform the material you created. Learn the skills required to conceptualize, outline, write and perform your own successful comedy routines.

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