Culture Club – All Around Montreal

Culture Club – All Around Montreal

Montreal is a special city made up of people and communities from all over the globe. With all of this  diversity in our own backyard we have a unique opportunity to explore and engage – we just need to find the right places to go, the right people to meet, and the right questions to ask.

This most engaging Activity involves daily field trips as we embark on outings from St Joseph’s Oratory to Chinatown, from Little Italy to a Sikh Temple in LaSalle; travelling from Montreal’s past as we look forward to the future. We live in a dynamic city where people are continuously moving and shaking somewhere and somehow and we’re going to try to see it all! Join us for an adventure through the remarkably diverse neighborhoods of Montreal.

NOTE: Our itinerary will be available several days in advance of each week subject to weather changes. If you have a bus pass, please bring it along, otherwise we will cover the cost along with any entry fees. Children under 12 years old generally ride for free if they are participating in a summer camp outing.

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