Explorations – Onwards and Upwards

Explorations – Onwards and Upwards

Explorations Montreal is the choice of parents who are searching for an authentic, “real world” educational experience. First founded in 1982, as a summer camp for “gifted” students, by a group of innovative McGill University Education professors, Explorations now welcomes curious and motivated learners from Montreal and beyond.

Learners work on their Video Games Design Project

In this regard, Explorations has also since assumed an international presence. Our first Explorations International China Program was hosted by the Foreign Languages University of Beijing and supported by a team of Quebec and Ontario educators under the guidance of our Director of Program Development, Mr. James Feith. This most successful launch was followed by a second Explorations International China Program this past January and will continue with a third edition in August 2019 at three different sites in China.

As of February 2019, we have also increased our local “footprint” as Explorations Learning began offering small workshops and “hands on” activities which continued during our first ever Explorations March Break Workshop Series.  

Given this continuing expansion and growth, Explorations has acquired a permanent home base with the launching of the Explorations Learning Center at 6591 Somerled in NDG. With this newly acquired space, we will continue to offer unique and innovative teaching and learning partnerships, between young educators and eager learners, in a thoughtfully designed space that encourages creativity and innovation. Our bright and airy classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and equipment. Our explorers will be encouraged, at all times to create, collaborate, and share ideas and initiatives, in a safe and secure environment.

Activities include robotics, film, creating inventions, constructing fantastic “machines” and celebrating new discoveries. These offerings will vary from session to session and reflect the ongoing feedback and suggestions from our student explorers and faculty.

We are also further considering after school enrichment and remediation sessions throughout the academic year (further information is forthcoming). As well, aspiring YouTubers and filmmakers will soon find a home at our Explorations Learning Center video and recording studio.

All in all it has been a busy year of reinvention and assuming new directions. Through our ongoing efforts to seek out new opportunities and possibilities, Explorations will continue to offer unique and exceptional teaching and learning opportunities.

An Explorations Learning Center open house is being planned for early May at which time you will be most welcome to come in for a visit and further discussion.

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