2018 First Week Newsletter

2018 First Week Newsletter

As we wind up our first week at Explorations 2018, our Campers continue to be very busy and productive. Please peruse our Explorations Newsletter, volume 1 attached. The descriptions and photos have been provided by Activity Leaders, Camp Assistants, and campers.

Intermediate Activities

In Go Nuts for “Go Pro”, our young directors have been shooting videos and editing their own “action movies” with iMovie.
Lights off, and our juniors are getting ready to put the show on!
Lights off, and our juniors are getting ready to put the show on!
Meanwhile, during the first three days, our campers from Advanced Robotics have started working with the “Lego Mindstorms EV3 kits”, either building existing designs from instructions, or following their own inspiration. A first challenge was also introduced: build a delivery “bot” capable of using a color sensor to deliver an appropriately colored Lego brick to a destination.
The campers got to know each other very quickly and have already started learning a new brain games together. Let’s get our brain exercising and have fun with these amazing board games.
Master of Magic
Are you ready to be tricked by our campers and their cards? Our “Masters” of Magic have been practicing how to shuffle their decks like a pro!
In Code and Design Electronics, we have been learning basic electrical principles related to current, resistance and voltage. With this knowledge in hand, we are using the Arduino board and the breadboard to set up electric circuits to light up various colored LEDs.
In Scratch by Kids Code Jeunesse, our campers learned how to customize sprites and backgrounds to make their own stories. They also learned how to take user input to move their sprites and create a simple game.
Intro to game design: our campers have jumped right in and have begun their first role playing games. They are quickly learning how game programming works and we are so excited to see what they will produce!
Music is all about imagination and inspiration. Our young songwriters are learning how to express themselves freely, and most importantly, to be confident about their creation! Now, let’s put our heartfelt words into lyrics…
The first step to Build a Computer from Scratch - learn different parts of the computer!
In Quilt-Tastic, we are learning to make a beautiful quilt. We looked at the final sample product, picked our own fabrics from recycled materials, and started making our plans. Almost ready to go!
On Monday, the McGill Physics department and our campers learned about echolocation and collisions: how sound bounces off different objects and we can tell the location, dimension, and density of materials through how the sounds bounce back. On Tuesday the campers made their own musical instruments and learned about how sounds are different through their frequencies. Today we talked about forces, friction, and gravity: we learned what Newton's equation F=ma defines, and how it relates to gravity as well as air resistance.
The pasta maker doesn’t just make pastas! It also helps flatten our soft clay and turn them into colorful Fimo Sculptures.
Guess what this is? It’s the “Dragon’s Egg” from our Origami group!
Fun with Fimo. Our young artists are using tinfoil to create the skeleton for the character that they are creating with Fimo clay. They have also experienced how to work with molds and make cool designs with them!
Our campers are always encouraged to speak like a musician while they are learning how to play guitar. We already learned the “chromatic scale” and four new chords and we are practicing very hard everyday!
Want to build your own computer? Let our campers explain to you the different components of a computer: the power supply, CPU & GPU, memory… and how to connect all of the parts together!
Cartoonamania: After drawing their favorite superheroes, our campers started to let their imaginations go even wilder by creating and drawing their own original superheroes!
Yoga: Campers have been practicing a blend of yoga postures related to balance, concentration, humor and patience while gaining self confidence.
Kids can certainly cook up a storm at Explorations Camp! - Blueberry muffins, watermelon salad, chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, hummus dip… And much more to come!
Our debating teams are discussing what is a fact and what is an opinion. They are also learning about all kinds of warm up styles and presentation skills. So far some serious topics have been brought up and include: Should schools ban homework? Do you agree with the gun control? What is your understanding of human rights?
In Dungeons and Dragons, our campers were introduced to basic role playing games. They also learned how to read a character sheet and more importantly, the game manner! It is important to keep it calm and respectful and to have fun!
We are learning how to build a website from the ground up using HTML and CSS. Each camper is developing a website featuring favorite things. They are building everything from scratch; Including all the text, images, links… Wow!

Our first week of Explorations was a great success! Our Week II Newsletter will feature our Junior program as well as our Senior Panorama of Science and Entrepreneurial Business activities.

All photos of campers and Explorations personnel which appear on our website are never identified by name nor used for any commercial purposes. Should you have any questions or concerns in this regard please contact us at info@explorationscamp.ca.

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