Virtual Reality Video Game Design

Virtual Reality Video Game Design

The pace of technological change in our world continues to quicken and Explorations’ team of Activity Leaders continues to put forward exciting new programs to match the tomorrow’s needs. Since Explorations started over 35 years ago, activities such as “Radio Show Production” and “Introduction to Computers” paved the way for our campers to gain valuable insights into the technologies of their days. This year, we are excited by the addition of the Vive Pro Virtual Reality Headset to our resources as we launch into “Game Programming with VR“.

One of the main benefits of VR is the way it captures the attention of the campers by making learning an active experience. The plan for the use of VR within the program is to separate students into groups of programmers and room designers, they would combine their work into a simple yet fun VR games that they will be able to test, play and debug in an exciting new way.

Video Game Design - RPG

Campers in the Video Game Design Activity work on the Role Playing Game while learning about Logic, Game Design, and Programming.

Our approach to teaching video game development is a blended learning experience in which several learning opportunities are combined. This means a mix of digital learning resources, problem-based challenges, teamwork, and discussions. This hybrid approach meets the needs of all of our campers, irrespective of their learning style.

Our Activity Leader Brent Callahan came forward with this exciting new program and we are very excited to see it in action. The Activity is open to Intermediate Campers who are entering Grades 7 to 9 in the Fall. Register today by visiting our Registration Page.



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