The Art of Explorations

The Art of Explorations

From the very beginning of Explorations Camp in 1982, the engagement of our campers in visual and performing arts activities has complimented the science and technology-related offerings that our Camp is renowned for.

Certainly, art, music and performance presentations anchor our Junior Program and are featured in our end-of-session Open Houses.

Similarly, more than half of our 70 plus Intermediate Activities offer instruction in art, performance arts, music, and theater.  Although we encourage our campers to select a balance between the arts and science/technology related offerings, some choose an arts-only orientation.  At our end-of-session Open House presentations, campers are invited to perform scenes and songs, dance moves and improv routines, as well as present in a “vernissage” format their finished pieces of artwork and digital media clips.

Explorations Camp continues to be a cauldron of creative endeavors, inspired by enthusiastic certified teachers.

To learn more about some of the amazing art programs we offer our intermediate campers, visit our Activity Catalogue. Our junior campers explore various forms of art and partake in many great projects and activities. You can learn more on our Junior Program page.

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