Celebrating Montreal’s 375th Anniversary at Explorations Camp

Celebrating Montreal’s 375th Anniversary at Explorations Camp

This year, the city of Montreal will be celebrating the 375th anniversary of its founding in 1642. Organizations and groups around the city are planning amazing activities throughout the summer months which will offer new insights and perspectives about our city. Activities will be hosted throughout the entire island and include free concerts, art festivals, historical re-enactments, food festivals, comedy shows and much more as we celebrate our city’s unique culture, history, and diversity.

Montreal is a city with a rich, diverse and interesting history. As Explorations Camp is situated in the heart of downtown at Trafalgar School, our team of Activity Leaders is looking forward to incorporating some of the great anniversary offerings in their activities. Field trips, expert visits, and fun projects are just a few of the ways we are planning to explore our city’s history and diversity. At Explorations Camp, we believe that incorporating these activities into our summer calendar will allow our campers to benefit from diversified learning opportunities while gaining an even greater appreciation for the city of Montreal.
We are also happy to announce that Kimberley Skojhov will be hosting a junior activity during both sessions that will focus on the 375th celebration. Our Intermediate Campers also have the opportunity of registering for Culture Club, an activity that will take them to different places all around the island.


Discover Montreal led by Kimberly Skojhov (Grade 3)

As this year marks Montreal’s 375th anniversary, we will embark on an adventure to discover what makes our city so special. Together, we will explore Montreal’s unique identity, culture and rich history. Come and join us as we travel through time to celebrate the past and present. Through music, storytelling, field trip outings, and numerous art projects, students will be engaged in a fun and creative learning environment while gaining new insight and appreciation of this wonderful city!

Culture Club led by Meaghan Siddall McNerney (Grade 4 to Grade 9)

Montreal is a special city made up of people and communities from all over the globe world. With all of these cultures and subcultures in our own backyard we have a unique opportunity to explore and engage – we just need to find the right places to go, the right people to meet, and the right questions to ask. This Activity involves daily field trips as we embark on outings from St Joseph’s Oratory to Chinatown, from Little Italy to a Sikh Temple in LaSalle; travelling from Montreal’s past as we look forward to the future. We live in a dynamic city where people are continuously moving and shaking somewhere and somehow on the island of Montreal and we’re going to try to see it all! Join us for an adventure through the remarkably diverse neighborhoods of Montreal.

To learn more about the many activities happening around Montreal this summer, visit the city’s official website.

To register for Explorations Camp, visit the Registration Page.

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