The Explorations Camp Assistant Program

 The Explorations Camp Assistant Program


Every summer, Explorations Camp offers a professional learning opportunity to a group of young adults. Not only do our assistants get to work in a fun, dynamic setting, they also gain valuable experience that will help them in their academic and professional lives.

If you are interested in this program, but aren’t completely confident in your abilities, we understand! Sometimes, it’s difficult to take a risk, especially when it means putting yourself out there. However, our assistant program is developed to teach you the skills you need in life. You’ll work with a team of peers to create amazing projects and to learn about responsibility, organization and leadership.  We’re not looking for participants based on their academic performance or previous experience, we’re looking for dynamic, young adults who want to learn and improve. Here’s three things you need to be ready for when applying as an assistant:

  1. Be ready to learn

For many of you, the assistant program will be your first venture into the professional world. Our program leader (Jane Crutchfield) will teach you the basics of working with children and of interacting with parents, but most of your learning will come from hands-on experience as you work closely with our activity leaders and our administrative team.

  1. Be ready to overcome challenges

At Explorations, we want to challenge you to improve. We will put you in situations where you will step out of your comfort zone and live new experiences. These can include public speaking, leading an activity, planning a group game, organizing schedules, etc. Although this may seem overwhelming at first, you will be supported by our team and your peers through collaboration, cooperation and feedback.

  1. Be ready to have fun

Our team of assistants is composed of over 20 motivated individuals who are at Explorations to learn and discover new talents. You will be working with this team for four weeks, and you will discover new friendships, share laughs and meet great people!

If you are interested in applying to the assistant program, fill out the application form on the Assistant Program page. If you have any additional questions, send us an email


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