A Tribute to Mary Townsend

A Tribute to Mary Townsend

Explorations Community,

Mary Townsend has been associated with McGill Explorations Camp since 1996, initially as a camper mom (boys Anthony and Robbie), a board member, and more recently as a member of the Administration.  After the passing of long-serving camp Director Bertha Dawang some three years ago, it was Mary and her husband, John Brohan, who shouldered much of the responsibility and direction of Explorations. In fact, it is most likely that the camp would not have survived without Mary’s intervention.

As we begin preparation for Explorations Camp 2017, Mary has decided to step back from camp operations. The very good news is that Mary will stay on as a member of the McGill Explorations Camp Board. Mary’s continued presence will ensure that “the story” or narrative of the camp will continue forward even as we welcome new camper families and staff members.  Mary has always made the positive camper experience our number one priority. Happily, we can continue to count on her advocacy on behalf of current and future campers.

Given Mary’s departure from daily operations, oversight of the Explorations website and our several social media platforms will be assumed by Median Social, a locally-based communications firm.

I would like to thank Mary Townsend for her decades-long dedication to Explorations Camp. Camper families have been well-served by her care and attention over the years and for this we are most grateful.

Jim Officer

Explorations Camp Director

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